Using Freebies to Attract Visitors to Your Website

Using Freebies to Attract Visitors to Your Website

Website owners looking for ways to attract visitors to their website should consider offering freebies. To get the maximum benefit from these “freebies” it would be smart to offer something that appeals to a large cross section of the population like online games. Your website could offer free IMVU credits which is one of the most popular online games in the world. Gamers playing IMVU are in constant need of gaming credits to advance and would naturally gravitate towards anything that promised them free IMVU credits.

Sourcing for Gaming Freebies

While at first glance the thought of using freebies to attract visitors to your website might seem like a huge endeavour it can be relatively simple to achieve. Something that you could do is work on consolidating the various gaming freebies into one place. Gamers are constantly scouring the Internet trying to find promo codes/cheats/freebies for the games they love and if you can meet that need in one spot then you are going to get a huge spike in traffic to your website. This spike in traffic will lead to greater income earning opportunities since advertisers are all vying to have their ads appear in front of the greatest number of consumers possible.

In order to consolidate all of these offers you have a few different approaches you might consider implementing either one or all of them.

·    Hiring freelancers to go online every couple of days to get links to the latest freebies. This approach is labor intensive but once you have built up a critical mass of offers to get people coming to your website the amount of work would scale down to more manageable levels.

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·    Using software to scrape the Internet for freebies. You will need to develop a script that will scour the Internet for all of the latest gaming freebies then sift through them to find the ones that are useful and remove those that are not. This will take some time on your end to complete but once you have a base of offers created you won’t need to be as “hands on”.

·    Establishing relationships with other websites that offer gaming freebies. You could reach out to other website owners and find out whether they would be interested in swapping freebie codes. The websites you are speaking with may have access to freebies you do not and you may have freebies they could benefit from. By forming these relationships your visitors are going to benefit from having access to even more freebies.

While offering freebies is a great way to get traffic to your website, it would be prudent to develop strategies that let you harness this momentum. Ask every visitor to your website to sign up for your newsletter so you can inform these visitors about the latest and greatest promotions your website is offering. By developing these proactive measures your odds of becoming a dominant player in your respective online niche has improved dramatically.