Rabbit Cages with Wheels Make Portable Housing Easier

Rabbit Cages with Wheels Make Portable Housing Easier

Finding a portable housing solution for your rabbit is sometimes a little difficult depending on your situation. You need to be able to give your rabbit enough room to not feel cramped, and give yourself a way to clean up after them easily. The most often overlooked element in a cage are the wheels which are somewhat subtler, but very important none the less. Wheels that go on your rabbit’s cage make it a much easier to transport them without having to pick the whole thing up, which might startle them. Finding a quality rabbit cage with wheels is a something you should consider if you’re looking to give your rabbit the very best in portable housing.

Wheels Make Moving Your Rabbit Cage Around Easier

rabbit cage on wheels

It may seem obvious that a rabbit cage on wheels is designed for making the things more efficient at moving around. There’s also the need to be able to lock the wheels in place so that they stay firm on certain surfaces that might otherwise cause them to roll on their own. With a little bit of your own personal touch you can design a great environment for your rabbit to feel relaxed in.

You will notice that some cages that have wheels on them are typically more spacious. A deep tray within the cage helps to prevent the materials like hay and bedding from spilling out all over the place. With a little bit more room in these larger cages on wheels, you might be able to separate two squabbling bunnies who are not getting along.

You can also find some of these larger rabbit cage on wheels to have an elevated resting spot with a ramp. You are going to be a very entertained rabbit owner because they usually love this extra addition which gives them room to hop up and see what’s around them. The wheels that come with these cages are made from caster and are lockable as mentioned above.

Rabbits Need a Cage that Makes Them Feel Safe and Protected

Wheels on the cage are more than just a way to move the container around without having to pick the whole unit up. You can achieve an elevated position with the cage so that you can keep it from getting dirty on the bottom just by having caster wheel on it.  Cleaning a cage is hard enough and flipping the thing over is a headache especially if you want to keep everything inside as it is.

You find a lot of additional benefits for having a rabbit cage with wheels on it. You will be happy that it can move around when you want it to and stay stationary when it needs to be still. There’s a lot of space in these cages with plenty of room for important items like water bottles and toys. You can also take advantage of the multiple access doors inside which can be useful if you have more than one hopping around.