Is the rise of the internet web log a bad thing?  In some respects, it could be.  After all, a blog does not typically have the same standards of journalism that most print publications will have.  People can pretty much say whatever they want on their own blogs, and there is really no way of stopping them from making things up as they go.  This is why, as more access to information has come about through the web, people have begun seeing the biases of certain writers, or even called certain journalists sources of “fake news.”  It is certainly essential that people do not just believe anything and everything that they read on the internet, and this is why information overload can end up being a bad thing at times.  After all, there are many different conspiracy websites and blogs out there that state many things that are simply not true.

However, with the negatives also comes a bunch of positives, but these positives are dependent upon the individual being responsible about the information that they take in and whether or not they believe it to be fact.  For the person who looks at the world, and particularly the information they find on the internet, with a skeptical eye, the more information they can get their hands on, the better.  This is because they will be able to fact check what they read in order to make sure that the information that they are getting is factually correct.  If you want to be an informed citizen, then you want to look at many different sources of information and consider many different points of view when analyzing the world around you.  For the person who seeks to be informed, there is no place better than the internet, even if they have to weed through false information in order to get to all of the facts.


This article itself proves this point.  There are two sides to the internet information debate, and I have tried to present them both here.  Of course, there may even be a different way to look at this sort of thing that I have not even considered, and I would be willing to bet that there is someone out there who is writing their own blog post as we speak in order to present a different point of view.  While there can be confusion when there are multiple points of view being presented, I believe that it is ultimately a good thing.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think that the abundance of information on the internet is a good thing or a bad thing?  Because I want to understand everyone’s point of view on a number of different topics, I believe that all of the info we have at our fingertips is an amazing thing.  However, I can also understand the argument that having so many points of view available can leave certain people misinformed if they don’t do their due diligence.